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Whereas western research on sexual healing doesn’t emphasise the importance of retaining and recirculating sexual fluids, the Eastern systems make the vital distinction. One drop of semen is equal to sixty drops of blood in the energy it bestows to living self (as body n brain) according to Vedic science. 

In Taoism semen and the power of ovula is considered to be a superfood rich in naturally easily absorbable nutrients and in powerfull energy that can revitalise body and brain. Western science agrees that semen has proven to be a treasure house of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, hormones, proteins, irons, enzymes and other vital nutritional substances including calcium, albumin, lecithin, phosphorus and nucleoproteins, etc etc etc. 

Interestingly because these are similar constituents of main vital organs, brain, bones as nerve tissues, areas which Plato, Pythagoras and eastern rishis believed were nourished by recycling semen.

 They also held that a weak nervous system, depleted energy and brain function were connected with excessive seed loss. However, after investing so much internal effort to produce this beneficial brew, many blow it without considering the consequences. 

The immediate effect is obvious after the blow out - like a burst balloon - men's energy and mood become deflated. They may also disconnect from their partner as one man bravely admitted, “Once I ejaculate, the pillow looks better than my girlfriend.” But the long term effects are the main concern, as a New York Times report reiterated “ creating sperm is far more difficult than scientists imagined, demanding a diversion of resources, elements and energies that will go into assuring a male's long-term health and a healthy transmition of his DNA stuff to make healthy kids wiht the same abilities.”

Its estimated that the average man spills roughly 15 litres of his seed in a lifetime - a reservoir that if redirected to only energy measurment would amount to a vast store of energy loss according to Taoists and Tantrics..... 

All species tend to depletion after expelling reproductive fluids. Male silkworm moths emerge from their cocoon only to mate after which they die. And plants have greater longevity if they are kept from going to seed. This energy loss explains why many athletes including Mohammed Ali abstained from coitus before competing, so they’d have reserve strength to draw on. 

  Old Taoists masters cautioned that if a man continues to squander his semen he his on the way to sickness. All Taoist works claim excessive semen loss causes premature aging, damage to the nervous system, the intelligence, muscular weakness, poor digestion, loss of eyesight and energy. 

Peng-Tze, an advisor to the Yellow Emperor explained, “after ejaculation, a man is tired, his ears buzz, his eyes are heavy, and he longs for sleep. He is thirsty and his limbs feel weak and stiff. In ejaculating he enjoys a brief moment of sensation but then suffers long hours of exhaustion, until the body repairs the loss.

 The early Kinsey report found that 80% of men ejaculated within two minutes of penetration, not good news for women who take on average 20 minutes to reach orgasm. The inability to delay release may be connected with early subconscious conditioning to climax quickly because sexuality was concealed as a shameful secret and in Nature, that is when animals are the most vulnerable, same as when they go to drink. 

Rather than advocating suppressive celibacy as the solution, Taoism and Tantric masters advise full sexual expression with awareness and expertise. Using special techniques one can retrain the downward and outward explosive ejaculation to become an imploding inward and upward innerjaculation.

Sure it is more easy said than done, but when mastered, one can indulge in the hottest bacchanals without ever tiring out !

Some say that a Man that can master this part of TANTRIC or TAOISM could make love as much as 9 times a DAY, and every day, if he wanted to...


But as Healing Taoist master Mantak Chia explains : “Real sexual fulfilment (orgasm) lies not in feeling the life going out of you but in increasing the awareness of the energetic vital current that flows through the CORE of self and rejuvenating all of our elements and energies that participate to good sane body and brain functionings” 

This force that would normally form a new life, and all its possibles, if it had met with an ovula, when it is stopped at the right time and returned in a injack, is then channelled within to renew the whole body and brain potentials. Specific areas that most benefit are said to be the nerves, endocrine glands, bone marrow, brain and immune system. 

“ The force of the sexuallity if directed upwards, to the the CENTER of its renewable original creativ potentials, extraordinarily heightens all mental and physical functioning.”

The methods for doing this involve practices such as contracting the pubo-coccygeal muscle, pressing the right point on the perineum and most importantly using breathing and LIGHT visualisation as to practice the circulation and concentration intensification of the accumulated energy in its central energy channel (chakras). Known as Sushumna in Tantra and the microcosmic orbit in Taoism this circulation goes from the head to the genitals and from the sacrum up the spine, to the CENTER of self in LINKS with the PURE CENTER PRIME SOURCE of all Origines, pools energy that renews it, regenerating what other ways would deplete in an exterior fugitiv spasm...

This inside orgasm is stronger than the usual external orgasm because it transform the brute force of sex into a vibrating energy that has the power to create extasic whole body multiorgasms, (without ejaculation), and releasing healing of this energy radiate to all body cells, helping them in a sane functionning for the UNITY of BODY and BRAIN. 

This is absolutly completly different from the old practice of coitus reservatus where one makes love without an orgasm and with no practices of how to channel the contained force to transform it in Pure ENERGY...  this sort of retaining incomplete can lead to severe prostate pressure, pain and heat congestion, let's not talk about frustrations and all ills caused by frustrations. 

If done correctly, with the approprite transformations in the RIGHT PLACE, it is not dangerous, nor causes of ills to withhold semen and circulate it in self to transform it into renewed energy. 

For women, it is a wee bit more difficult to stop the OVULATION as to benefit of the rejuvenatus power of her OVULAS...but it is not impossible...The problem is that there is not many books writen by experienced women in that field, thus the technics are not really known.. excepted rare ones http://www.nine3.com/DeerWoman.html (but they are more or less like the Men ones, adapted to women and their body functioning)

 Untill a woman practice this RENEWAL of her own energy anew and faithfully note what she is experimenting, as to transmit her experimented knowledge to others, there will not be major breakthrough in the understanding of internal endogenesis for women.







Important aspect in Taoism and Tantra Yoga, is that the libido, when manifesting as sexual drive, is not at all considered to be only sensuality but, at the innermost levels, as the soul's ardent yearning for spiritual perfection others ways called UNITY. Here the erotic impulse appears as the psyche's abyssal thirst to reach perfection through unity of our complementary polar opposites.  In this way we can genuinely restore self in PRIME Androgyne  of the Secret Tradition — the Eternal child of the UNION of Shiva and Shakti — where the Individual Spirit will have access to the highest levels of Consciousness and Knowledge. 




Taoism and Tantra teaches that, energetically speaking, woman is magnetic, passive, lunar, receptive and charged with power of negative polarity (Yin). In multiple ways, she attracts, absorbs and stores subtle energy which remains latent in its potentialities untill she has a positiv pole (Yang) to help her developp them.  When connected in a proper way with the male electric, dynamic and positively charged subtle energy (Yang), the female energy (Yin) undertakes a complex alchemical reaction and thus the couple generates a sort of Energetic Power Station that can renew both as one into high levels of high intensity of LIFE ENERGY.  


This is very easy to verify and can't be acknowledge as true if we do not pratice it.


Certain Taoist Tantric techniques enable the practitioner to verify that the bioenergetic differences of polarity between man and woman are energized to the highest extent through the love play and that a mutual exchange between these two forms of energy (Yin/female, Yang/male, Yin/male, Yang/female) takes place during sexual intercourse in which the two partners harmonize themselves on multiple levels.


Love making performed in the Taoist Tantric  way (successive orgasms without ejaculation and work for no ovula losses) these unions can intensify and develop the latent extra-sensorial capacities and the mental, intelligence power of both partners beyond all expectations.

The couple who practice TaoistTantric sexual union use the subtle energies of the man's body and the complementary energies of the woman's body for attaining the

highest state of Harmony with the Absolute.  

Source : http://sivasakti.net/articles/tantra/consciousness-art14.html 


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Still humanity is not yet well aware of these things, because: only for the last week I tried to estimate the number of tons of ejaculated sperm in a single week in Paris. I sometimes come to incredible amounts numbers, however, I put it all in a palpable way by bringing the units of Olympic swimming pools. Because you see 45,000 hectoliters of sperm, this does not mean much to anyone. It is hard to  realise what it really represents. While 65 Olympic swimming pools full of tons of semen ejaculated in one single week, we apprehend it easier ....


and this only for the City of PARIS ??
















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